Fukumotoverse, or “Zawa-rld”

Recently I’ve been wondering, or should I say, hoping that the works of Fukumoto Nobuyuki all take place in the same universe. We already know that Ten and Akagi take place in the same timeline, with the latter being a prequel to the former, but what of everything else?

Can Japan have enough room for the SHADOW PRIME MINISTER OF JAPAN (Washizu from Akagi), the RICHEST MAN IN JAPAN (Zaizen from Zero), and the KING OF JAPAN (Hyoudou from Kaiji)?!

Is there not just one horrible conspiracy controlling Japan, but several, and they all have to be taken down by incredible gambling heroes? Are all of these evil old men actually in competition with one another, vying to see who is truly the ruler of Japan and its seedy gambling underworld? Do they compete to see who is the most ruthless and murderous of them all?

And is there an even stronger hidden ruler above THEM? Could there be a SHADOW DEMON EMPEROR GOD OF JAPAN that would unite the forces of all of our heroes together into 地上最初の賭博軍団, the world’s first Gambling Army?

So basically what I’m saying is, we need to get Imagawa Yasuhiro to make an anime based on Fukumoto’s works.

2 thoughts on “Fukumotoverse, or “Zawa-rld”

  1. How much do I have to pay to see Akagi, Kaiji, and Zero work together?

    It actually wouldn’t be too bad since the three of them have decidedly different personalities, although I’m not sure why it would be necessary for more than one of them to go HAX MODE at any given time.

    In any case, I agree and want to see this happen.


  2. I wish Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, and all the other huge super saiyan ninja animes all belong in the same universe.. the way Marvel and DC does it.

    How awesome would that be.


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