By Crom! Endings!

In a previous post I made here on Ogiue Maniax, I talked about how as a child I was amazed when cartoons I watched had actual endings or resolutions or at least something resembling a good stopping point, and I specified Conan the Adventurer as one such show. Then, I found out that another show I loved as a kid, Dino-Riders, also had an “ending” of sorts, and then I found out both of these final episodes are on Youtube!

Conan the Adventurer: A Serpent Coils the Earth

Dino-Riders: One to Lead Us

Now I know for many anime watchers, having an ending is not that special. Most anime and manga end at some point, and even the ones that run forever try to come up with some kind of conclusion. Take a look at To Love-Ru, which just ended rather abruptly recently. Even it had a chance to squeeze out a final chapter to give the story a tiny bit of closure. But with cartoons like the ones above, most would just stop running and that was it.

I’m not going to say those cartoons were perfect in any way, but I appreciate that they got the opportunity to do something at the end, to go out with a bang.

4 thoughts on “By Crom! Endings!

  1. Ed Edd n Eddy had a real ending and a great one at that. I loved that show growing up (I’m young, you see) but when they brought it back for another season in about 05 then it was obvious that the same team wasn’t working on it, and some of the voice actors were changed – as such, it was a very weak season.

    However, Cartoon Network decided to see off the show with a bang at first. They aired the entire show in over a day, and then aired the final episode. It was a decent episode with a really weird plot about ‘double d’ being accidentally turbo-violent. It was good enough, but the ending is where the real money is.

    After a climactic scene, the eds are about to leave when the Kanker bitches show up. It looks like it’s going to be one of those ‘just like every episode’ endings where the Kankers will torture the Eds, but then it happens. Eddy basically says ‘Jeez, give it a rest, will ya! We’ve had a rough day! Man!’ and the Kankers, shocked, walk away, and then Eddy looks at his pals and says ‘lets go get some hot dogs!’ and the three of them walk off into the sunset.

    It was beautiful. It certainly felt like the right closure to a show I’d been a fan of for years.


  2. One day as little G long ago I sat down in front of the television to watch my favorite show at the time. It was called David the Gnome. David had wonderful exciting adventures like trading a human gold of services rendered only to see the man arrested for theft when he couldn’t explain where he got it and fighting spiders over cauldrons of acid. Well as I was saying, I began watching my show and the episode wasn’t like the rest. David and his wife had a nice day meeting characters from earlier in the show, or so I thought, went out sat down and died becoming trees. I was to say the lest quite distraught. My mother to this day likes to tell the story of my angry tearful reaction to the end of David the Gnome.


  3. I remember the end of David the Gnome too, and for some reason I didn’t lose my shit when I watched it as a kid. I think it’s because of how dignified and relaxed they were about the whole business. It barely even registered as death to me.

    The Bots Master did this blatant grab for a renewal at the end of their season: in short, the bad guys won and the last scene was basically the villain saying “THOSE KIDS’LL NEVER GET IN MY WAY AGAIN AHAHAHA”. It was kind of like a videogame continue screen.

    Mighty Max had this completely off the wall ending that was built for the endless repeating daily syndication I watched these shows in as a kid: after a huge final battle where, as I recall, main characters actually died, the show pulled a reset ending that leads directly into the first episode of the show.

    I wonder what the final chapter of Toloveru reads like.


  4. Never mind, I just found out. It was shit to the end. You know the ending where they decide to have the hero get serious and decide (on TWO, out of like a million girls), but the WACKY HIJINX of the other chicks mean that despite his best efforts, the hero just can’t end his days of being surrounded by poon on all sides? It’s one of those.


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