No JLPT1 For Me This Year

I just found out that all of the seats for the level 1 have been taken at my testing site (Columbia University in NYC), so even if I was 100% sure I wanted to take the test, I wouldn’t have the opportunity anyway. Of course, this doesn’t keep me from actually studying, and it might be better that I don’t try to take it this year.

I advise that if you’re interested in taking any JLPT and haven’t signed up to do so as soon as possible so that you do not have the same fate befall you.

7 thoughts on “No JLPT1 For Me This Year

  1. That sucks. Especially since most people enrolling are weeaboos who have watched one episode of Naruto, and that many will drop out during the first semester anyway because Japanese isn’t what they imagined it would be.


  2. Well see, that’s not really true, because the JLPT1 is the most difficult level, and by the time you reach even the JLPT2 (which I passed last year), you tend to weed out those who think Japanese is all anime catch phrases.

    If they’re super otaku Naruto nerds AND they’ve gotten far enough to take the JLPT1, then more power to them.


  3. I’m sort of confused. You took JLPT2 last year but are downgrading to JLPT1 this year? And how is it harder in earlier levels?

    I’ve been studying Japanese for almost a year and haven’t researched on taking the tests so sorry for the newb-ish questions.


  4. Yeah, I signed up for JLPT2 just a few weeks after it opened. I didn’t even know it opened yet. At least got in which is a relief. Having a hard time studying though since I’m graduating this semester.

    Any tips for JLPT2 since you took it? I’ve been mainly studying vocab and doing listening since that is my weak point. Not sure about grammar but I have a few JLPT2 grammar books, but I hardly ever see the grammar they describe in these books in like actual Japanese media so it’s kind of a pain to pick it up.


  5. sucks indeed T__T

    was about to say, ‘yes! one year of waiting = one year opportunity to learn Nihongo every step of the way!’, until I realized that they’re going to change the exam by next year orz.

    a greater challenge awaits you then, JLPT comrade (uh I think Crusader’s blood is getting to me), ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH.

    I was able to sign up for JLPT1 this year (took it last year but failed -_-), though unlike you, I don’t think I’ve been studying to the fullest whole-year round. Need to cram some more and see if I’ll pass this time around…


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