The Fujoshi Files 11: Angela Burton

Name: Burton, Angela (アンジェラ・バートン)
Alias: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: Genshiken: The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture

Angela Burton is an anime and manga fan hailing from Boston, Massachusetts who befriended a Japanese student named Ohno Kanako while the latter was living in the United States. Though Ohno eventually had to return to Japan, Angela would come to visit Japan on more than one occasion, along with their good friend Susanna Hopkins. While they were partly interested in reuniting with Ohno, their main task was attending the largest doujin event of the year, Comic Festival. Initially, the flaxen-haired Angela startled the members of Ohno’s club with her strong, outgoing personality and her attractive and athletic figure, but would soon become a valued friend and an otaku comrade-in-arms.

Angela has a talent for sports, allowing her to physically endure the wear and exhaustion of an all-day doujin event far better than most. Her favorite shows include General Frog and Gungal Bleed, and she also possesses a strong fetish for glasses-wearing characters, though she does not actually wear glasses herself.

Fujoshi Level:
Angela Burton is unusually athletically fit for a fujoshi, which allows her to accomplish more, but what really sets her apart is her personality, specifically her openness as a fan. Perhaps due to her American upbringing (combined with the corrupting influence of anime), Angela can easily declare her fetishes in public and describe them in explicit detail. Angela’s tastes are also more diverse than most fujoshi, as she describes herself as being interested in both “male-oriented” and “female-oriented” doujinshi.

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