They’re Like Robots, Except Giant!

Much like my attempt at compiling “Non-Japanese” magical girl shows, I’ve recently started a Youtube playlist consisting of “Non-Japanese” giant robot shows. My definition of “Non-Japanese” here is somewhat lenient, as I’ve also included anime which were heavily adapted for foreign audiences, as well as shows animated in Japan for foreign audiences. Something like Voltron which was based on Golion and Dairugger XV but then got additional episodes made due to the popularity of Voltron counts as both. Parodies are okay as well, as evidenced by The X-Treme Adventures of Brandon and Mallory.

I’m taking suggestions, so if anyone knows any series/movies/whatever besides the ones I have already, please chime in. Please keep in mind that they must be lean more towards the “robot” side and less towards the “powered suit” side, though I understand that such a line is blurry at best. To give you an idea of where the line is, I do not consider The Centurions or Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors to be giant robot series. Dino-Riders is on the fence, but if you can convince me that a T-Rex in advanced techno armor is not that different from an Evangelion, then I might include it as well. But most likely not.

6 thoughts on “They’re Like Robots, Except Giant!

  1. First of all, I think only including animated shows/movies (if you are doing it like that), is a bit illogical considering the relative importance of live-action and animation between the countries. Sort of like if you were composing a list of Japanese Western (cowboy) shows, but excluded all anime, and only accepted live-action.

    I do have to mention the 80’s Battletech cartoon (maybe it was called Mechwarrior), although reluctantly. As a big fan of the Battletech universe, the “Saturday cartoon-ed” version has always appeared rather stupid and disappointing to me.

    Also, that new show on Adult Swim, Titan Maximum.

    Venture Bros did have Mecha Shiva and other relevant things, but that really doesn’t count since mecha aren’t the main focus of the show.


  2. Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory ended up in a Giant Robot a couple times over the course of the show. See the episode where he transferred to Japan.


  3. hm.

    Mighty Orbots?

    Heavy Gear had a season IIRC, with all it’s Votoms inspired action, altho by what you’ve said that might be more the powered suit deal or razor thin on the line either way.


  4. Your list has already reminded me of more than I remembered myself. Oh Bots Master… How completely I had forgotten you but yet how familiar your opening now seems.


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