Something’s Wrong with Medaka Box

Every week or so I find myself reading the latest chapter of Medaka Box. The thing is, I don’t like it all that much. It has a number of fine qualities and moments, like when Medaka pulls a Joseph Joestar and imitates someone to a tee, but something about it just doesn’t jive with me. It just doesn’t have that oomph, aside from that one girl on the track team whose design I like.

Whoo, she’s nice.

The problem isn’t that I’m not fond of it, but rather that I’m not sure why don’t like it that much, and it’s been bothering me since Chapter 0. It’s not the Nisio Isin-ness of it; I like Bakemonogatari just fine. Is it the visuals with the dialogue? This is further complicated by the fact that there’s plenty of mediocre to bad anime and manga that I do like, and none of them seem to have the unique problem I perceive Medaka Box as having.

I feel like I’m continuing to read it either in the vague hope that it’ll get better and all the pieces will start to come together, or that if I continue with it I’ll be able to better figure out just what my problem with Medaka Box might be.

3 thoughts on “Something’s Wrong with Medaka Box

  1. I was enjoying it at first. I like the art and the concept was fun. At this point though I have given up on reading it. It just turned into something so generic I just decided it wasn’t worth bothering with. Like the writer had no idea where to take the series and through too many new elements in at once.


  2. I gave Medaka box a try as well and didn’t care for it. I think it stems from an inability to relate to any of the characters on my part. That and the story-conflict-resolution didn’t seem particularly interesting, perhaps it’s too formulaic?


  3. I am rather interested in Medaka’s box, if you follow me.

    Also, “There’s Something About Medaka” was an obvious choice for this post title. Kudos for not going with the obvious and shallow joke.

    I think it’s just fairly obvious it’s trying too hard. When something is crap at least you know it’s sort of loving, innocently-executed crap. This is marketed, well-made crap, which just makes you realize how crappy it is.


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