The Mathematics of Anime

Wildarmsheero recently linked me to an old interview with Sadamoto Yoshiyuki, character designer of Evangelion, where he describes Eva as being what would happen “if you add “Ideon” and “Devilman” together and divide by two.” A surprisingly accurate description when I actually think about that.

That brought my attention to a Post-Eva mecha show, RahXephon, which can in a similar fashion be described as the average of Evangelion and the old 70s Sunrise anime Reideen (not to be confused with the 2007 version or Chouja Reideen from the 90s).

Going by those statements, we come to the following conclusion:

RahXephon = (Ideon + Devilman + 2Reideen)/4

Anime, ladies and gentlemen.

10 thoughts on “The Mathematics of Anime

  1. What happens when you take the integral of RahXephon? Can RahXephon even be plotted on a Cartesian coordinate plane? Do the individual titles represent fixed integers, real numbers, irrational numbers, or simply fuzzy sets?

    And what–inquiring minds want to know–is the anime equlivalent of Euler’s identity?


  2. Fuzzzy sets, oh gol. Obviously we need more proofs on how this works…. also, integrating X is of no consequence so long as it’s treated as a constant, but let’s say it’s a function of various attributes, and we want to integrate with respect to a given attribute, a genre perhaps… the result would be . . . something further in the chain.

    Not so sure about these fundamental binary operators, but integration and derivation may just work…. it’s like cooking (recipes), though cooking doesn’t require calculus, it might first be easier to solve where calculus fits in a recipe, then translate the idea to anime (or whatever medium… medium is arbitrary).


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  4. None of the three had a jigsaw-puzzle plot like Eva and none of them had scenes of visualized introspection. Somehow Rahxephon and Evangelion both had those… I guess it’s just a coincidence.


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