Miyamoto Shigeru Continues to Amaze Me

I recently wrote a post about “Mr. Mario” and his interview regarding New Super Mario Bros. Wii. I decided to take a look at other interviews he’s given, particularly the ones on the Wii’s Nintendo Channel, and as I watched them I realized just how different his mindset is compared to everyone else in the industry at this point. Yes, the fact that he’s a genius who has given birth to many of the great franchises of video game history isn’t anything new, but when you listen to him talk about games, it’s like he’s discussing an entirely foreign subject compared to his peers and contemporaries.

Everyone else is working from the mindset of “how do I foster competition,” or “how do I make this a more enjoyable experience,” or even “what is interactivity and what does it mean,” and they’re all valid questions worth answering, but in contrast the most important question that seems to pop up in Miyamoto’s head is “how do I make life better?” It’s not a matter of him being “better” than anyone else in game design so much as the fact that he’s playing another game entirely.

It’s as if when everyone else is trying to bring guns to a sword fight, Miyamoto brings a cup of tea.

4 thoughts on “Miyamoto Shigeru Continues to Amaze Me

  1. To quote great old Gordon Matthew Sumner

    “Takes more than combat gear to make a man
    Takes more than a license for a gun
    Confront your enemies, avoid them when you can
    A gentleman will walk but never run”


  2. [Cliffy B. stands confident, Gold Lancer in hand. Around his neck are hundreds of COG Tags.]

    Cliffy B [boasting exuberantly]: Is there a NAME for this private little world of yours, Matsumoto? What happens there when we don’t just…RUN AWAY? You’ll kill us… with a soup cup?

    [Shigeru Miyamoto sits in a chair, sipping tea from a porcelain cup bearing a picture of Mario on the side.]

    Miyamoto: Tea, actually…

    Cliffy B: What’s that?

    [Shigeru Miyamoto takes a larger sip such that it becomes apparent that on the bottom of the tea cup is an image of his own face.]

    Miyamoto: …I’ll kill you with my tea cup.

    [Cliffy B laughs, but his laughter is cut off as Miyamoto, in one swift motion, throws the boiling hot contents of the tea cup into Cliffy B’s eyes before smashing the cup onto a nearby rock and shoving the jagged end of the cup through Cliffy B’s chest]

    Miyamoto: [looks towards camera] NATURAL 20.


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