The Fujoshi Files 14: Ookouchi Fujino

Name: Ookouchi, Fujino (大河内紫乃)
Alias: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens

Vice-president of her high school’s Art Club and member of the Nagi-sama Fan Club, Ookouchi Fujino is a fairly quiet girl who prefers to observe more than she does to take action. As such, Fujino strikes a contrast with her more energetic and aggressive best friend and Art Club president Kimura Takako, and can often be seen either tempering Takako or encouraging her habits depending on the situation. Fujino gives off an air of knowledge and authority that makes her both easy to approach and hard to disrespect.

Not much is known about Fujino’s family, except that she has a younger cousin named Miyuu and that the women of her family are bad with sunlight. Fujino also has an impressive figure, but chooses not to flaunt it, and rarely ever opens her eyes, the main exception being when she sings.

Fujoshi Level:
Ookouchi Fujino is able to make astute observations about her male friends and the “closeness” of their companionship, but rarely do her reactions get out of hand. She also appears to know a decent amount about anime and manga, but not to the extent one would expect of a fan. If ever there was such a thing as a low-key fujoshi, then Fujino is it.

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