Mizuhashi Kaori is Constantly Amazing

More often than not, whenever voice actress Mizuhashi Kaori appears in an anime I am amazed by her talent. Not only is she a very good actress capable of playing a variety of roles and personalities, but despite her being the seiyuu of Ogiue Chika it often takes me quite a while to realize that it’s Mizuhashi behind the role.

Ogiue Chika (Genshiken), Miyako (Hidamari Sketch), Rosetta Passel (Kaleido Star), Shimada Minami (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu)

It’s usually when her voice deepens just slightly that I’m able to recognize her. Then when I go back and listen to the character again, I’m astonished that I wasn’t able to catch on. Mizuhashi’s like the best of both worlds when it comes to voice acting; her voice has distinct features to be sure, but she also has a capacity for variation between roles.

In short, she’s a pleasant surprise whenever she appears.

Now I don’t have the vocabulary or familiarity with voice acting to actually explain to you what I think makes her a good voice actor, so I recommend you check out any of her roles, or listen to her voice acting sample on her official profile.

7 thoughts on “Mizuhashi Kaori is Constantly Amazing

  1. I agree, she is one of the underlooked voice acting talents that have that chameleon power. Although I think her best roles tend to fall somewhere between the voices of Laharl, Yuuno and Miyako, her more girly performances are great too.


  2. I had mentally made the connection between Yuuno and Miyako before, but I didn’t realize that was Ogiue too! That dialect must’ve thrown me.


  3. I’m usually able to pinpoint Mizuhashi’s voice in works that I watch that she’s in, but I do like how it can take a couple of listens for me to make sure that I’m correct. She has a nice enough range that she can place nice spins on to the same “overall” voice that she has, I guess.


  4. I loved her as Rosetta. She does have a certain distinctiveness (I almost want to say a nasal quality, but without the bad connotations), but you’re right that it’s hard to spot. Ogiue, huh? Would’ve never guessed!


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