I’ve been on a bit of a Megaman and, by extension, a Megaman sprites kick recently, but it’s been a while since I actually designed an original sprite.

Here is Novaman. His power: Nova Spark. He’s actually based on a design from when I was a little kid, except back then he looked like a total Metalman rip-off. He had the same face, a fireball instead of a blade on his head, same color, everything.

I designed his left arm to be different from his right arm because the right one shoots normal shots while the left one is attached to the compressed star you can see in his chest, and is the arm which releases the Nova Spark. The attack itself would be a slow moving projectile which gets bigger and bigger until it collapses and explodes.

One thing to keep in mind when designing Megaman boss sprites is to realize just how few colors are actually used in the sprite. Novaman here, aside from the necessary black (for the outline) and white (the eyes), only uses red and blue distributed throughout his design in a versatile manner.

Oh, and for those who missed it, here’s some of the stuff I’ve posted previously on the subject.

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