This time in my own personal attempt at creating a set of Robot Masters I present to you Stealthman.

Stealthman, unlike Novaman, is not a product of my youth as an avid gamer but rather a recent idea. His gimmick, like all Megaman bosses, is in his name and as such I incorporated “stealth” design elements acccordingly.

The key features of Stealthman are the tapered edges all along his body, as well as his thin limbs which are unusual as far as Megaman bosses go. All of this is based on the principle that stealth aircraft are thin to avoid detection and lack rounded edges because those bounce back radar signals more easily. Now I know his design isn’t actually stealth-worthy what with him being a robot whose head is jutting out and all that, but it was more to give him the trappings of stealthiness. Also, if you’re wondering about the feet, he floats.

In battle, Stealthman would naturally cloak himself to avoid detection and then shoot bombs at you. Out of those two weapons, Megaman would be getting the “Stealth Cloak.” With it, Megaman would be able to slip by those enemies which tend to react to his presence, such as Mettools and any homing weapons. It would drain meter similar to Flashman’s Time Stopper except you’d be able to switch out of the weapon at any time. Megaman would be able to still fire while Stealth Cloak is in effect, but perhaps at a reduced capacity.

As for the sprite itself, it took quite a few tries in terms of color scheme to really match up to the drawing I made, but I think it turned out well in the end.

3 thoughts on “Stealthman

  1. I thought up stealthman too a long time ago, and figured that maybe someone on the internet had made him/her. I thought of the same design as you, with the aircraft in all, but I was thinking that megaman would get something like a stealth bomb, or stealth missle. It would be on the screen, and when it reached the middle, it would explode in a star shape, and when it reached the corners of the screen, they would turn around and aim at enemies doing very little damage. In all you could probably get out 10-11 shots without getting any sub tanks.


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