The Fujoshi Files 15: Kimura Takako

Name: Kimura, Takako (木村貴子)
Alias: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens

With a spontaneous personality and a level of energy to match, Kimura Takako heads her high school’s Art Club as its president while also acting as a member of the Nagi-sama Fan Club. As president of the Art Club, Takako’s keen eye for aesthetics is matched by her interest in imagining the possible relationships that could potentially  occur among the male members of her club, particularly that of gentle giant Hibiki Daitetsu and “too pure pure boy” Mikuriya Jin. Her best friend is Ookouchi Fujino, whose calm and even personality acts as a foil to Takako’s exuberance. Takako is very enthusiastic and curious, but is also intelligent and wise when she lets herself be.

Takako has a very mature look about her, and when not wearing her school uniform can easily be mistaken for an office worker. Takako also possesses an extreme talent for karaoke, and is able to deliver blisteringly professional and sugar-laden performances on par with the greatest young idols out there, though her cutesy act combined with her adult appearance can create a mental disparity in those watching that can be difficult to reconcile.

Fujoshi Level:
Kimura Takako is most amazing in that she is a naturally occurring fujoshi, having never even heard of the term before being inadvertently introduced to it by Art Club member Akiba Meguru and yet still exhibiting all of the traits of fujoshi to a very high degree with no outside influence aside from Fujino. It should also be noted that Takako’s fondness for seeing same-sex relationships is not limited to men, as she has expressed a strong desire to see cute girls in cute clothes (and not because she wants to wear them herself).

3 thoughts on “The Fujoshi Files 15: Kimura Takako

  1. I think the fact that it just flows out of her character like that makes her one of the most enjoyable from the work. And that she’s totally unabashed about it helps make it more impressive, in my opinion.


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