Yes I Am Quoting Myself

For the Reverse Thieves’ second Speakeasy Podcast they compared Gurren-Lagann and Shin Mazinger, discussing why the former has a much more universal appeal among current anime fans than the latter. One of the topics that interested me was the false assumption that if a person likes Gurren-Lagann then the next step is Shin Mazinger, or similarly that if a person likes Gundam W that they will like the original Gundam as well. I thought of an analogous situation which I think sums up this problem quite well, and I wanted to have it on-hand and on-blog.

So consider, if you will, the following hypothetical conversation.

“Hey, what’s your favorite cereal?”

“Frosted Flakes!”

“Well if you like Frosted Flakes, I think you’ll enjoy CORN FLAKES! It’s the ORIGIN of Frosted Flakes!”

The person recommending Corn Flakes has his heart in the right place, but doesn’t realize that the reason why the other person likes Frosted Flakes so much might be mainly because of the sugar frosting, i.e. everything that Frosted Flakes have that Corn Flakes do not.

Reducing things down is not the answer for everyone, and just like Frosted Flakes vs Corn Flakes, I think people enjoy the total package of Gurren-Lagann, making it difficult to sell some fans on the idea of Gurren-Lagann stripped down to its bare essentials.


4 thoughts on “Yes I Am Quoting Myself

  1. You’re not the ONLY one who can quote themselves! The perennial “next step” after TTGL I always suggest is not Shin Mazinger Z. It’s too slow-paced at places and is way too different than most other things.

    The question I often propose is “why is TTGL popular but not GaoGaiGar or the recent Getter Robo remakes?” Especially in the case of the latter, those are not only “where TTGL came from” but they’re also very, very similar in content and tone. What, then, is missing from one that is present in the other, aside from the “Gainax” label? The fact that the first half of GaoGaiGar simply isn’t very good doesn’t much enter into it because people never even bothered with the first volume to find that out.


    • I remember the hoopla that went through fandom over here when ZGundam was announced.

      “Finally a new Gundam!!! YAAAAAY!!!!”

      Then ZZGUndam came out.

      “Uh, what’s this shit?!”

      RWG (like it was all about the attitude, not the universe)


    • Yeah, while I’m a recent convert to the whole “SUPER ROBOTS” fandom and all…

      Why not GaoGaiGar, or failing that, G Gundam? Both are the logical next steps in finding out more about super robot shows.

      Personally, I’d throw in Macross 7 as well, but no one would suggest that because everyone does not know that M7 was in fact a super robot show.

      Also, the first half of GaoGaiGar was just as good as the second half. They just packed all the good stuff in the second half.

      And the logical next step if you liked Gundam Wing was to punch yourself. Hard.


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