In a dream I found myself watching an episode of a Slayers anime. It wasn’t an OVA or a movie as it featured the TV series cast, though it did make a reference to the OVAs. In the one scene I “watched,” an unidentified character who knew Lina Inverse’s history notices a sleeping Lina and decides to mess with her. She gets close to Lina and then whispers a Naga-style laugh into her ear. No effect the first time, so she tries it a little louder, which startles Lina out of her slumber and puts her on edge.

When I woke up, I thought about my own history as a Slayers fan and recalled that, despite my anticipation I had never finished Slayers Revolution or even watched its sequel, Slayers Evolution-R. I laid there thinking that, for someone who once prided himself on having watched as much Slayers as he possibly could, this was quite a disappointment that needed immediate rectifying.

Then I checked Hulu and saw that both series are on there, and I thought, “This is a pretty good time to be an anime fan.”

4 thoughts on “(Ooohhhohohohoho…)

  1. It’s an all right show. Though it’s problem is that it’s pretty much the same old type of slayers you’ve already known and loved. Nothing different or new. If you’re love of slayers has already waned, I don’t recommend it but if you’re seeking to reignite the fire, give it whirl.

    I am liking this streaming boom though. I feel it’s something people everywhere should’ve been working towards already.


  2. Revolution is not a good Slayers, mostly because of Pokota: he spoiled the serie. Evolution-R on the opposite is good as Pokota isn’t getting on the spectators’ nerves as much as before and also thanks to the fact it’s an old recipe from precedent Slayers that was used. Maybe you won’t like that fact, but after Revolution, it’s quite pleasing. ^^


  3. Whoa. You just reminded me about my Slayers love! *high five and heads to Hulu*

    I don’t really like the addition of Pokota though. Otherwise, it’s the same ol’ Slayers. THAT is how I like it.


  4. I was big on Slayers back in my high school years. I loved the original three TV series, especially Slayers Next. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with Revolution and didn’t feel like it had the same charm as the originals. I haven’t checked out Evolution-R either.


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