Well My Parents Don’t Drive Awesome Flying Cars

For the most part, video games have advanced in a positive direction in terms of artistic progression. Though I don’t agree entirely on how our newfangled advanced realistic graphics are being used or certain trends in storytelling or interaction, I can say that we’re doing okay. At the same time though, I’ve come to realize that when video games look this good and have fully elaborated stories and such, it often leaves less room for creative, off-the-wall adaptations in fiction.

At this point with games looking and feeling closer to the realm of film and animation and other storytelling mediums with characters having concrete personalities, there  are fewer opportunities to make great leaps in interpretation. Yes, I understand that products like the Super Mario Bros. movie are exactly the kinds of disaster that comes from being too “loose” an interpretations, but I believe there is a definite charm.

This applies not just to storytelling but also visuals as well. Although the Tekken OVA of the 90s was awful, could you imagine a Tekken anime today, given the fact that it would be 2-D interpretations of such detailed 3-D characters? Good looking or not, you could see the move from blocky polygons anime designs to make some sort of sense.

Basically, I’d like to still be in a world where a racing game with a normal setting could be interpreted as a futuristic setting with talking computers inside my motor vehicles.

Is that too much to ask, I wonder?

3 thoughts on “Well My Parents Don’t Drive Awesome Flying Cars

  1. I see what you have done here. This is not a post about video games. This is an excuse to post a link to the opening of the Pole Position cartoon.

    I won’t be fooled by your chicanery.

    – Hisui


  2. Your attempts to cause me to fail will fail. For even though you tried to lure me with Pole Position, I already own it on DVD and own the original on the c64. Therefore I am immune to your sorcerer ways.

    That said, I too wish for a looser interpretation in my games/cartoons going to other media. Though at least I’m not a fan of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BT1Dp69D7q0 and then had my nirvana turned to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XVESObcRdA



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