Japanese is My Friend, Even If I Forget About It Sometimes

I’ve been studying Japanese for a number of years now, and often times I worry about my Japanese ability slipping. When it comes to language, it”s true what they say about using it or losing it, and as I do not have many opportunities to regularly converse in Japanese for extended periods, I think about the possibility that my Japanese is getting less potent.

But even as it risks fading into a less than satisfactory state, I am reminded that I have spent a lot of time and effort into learning Japanese. In fact, I have recently been using it to great effect in my jobs, and even if my capacity isn’t perfect, that I’m able to accomplish a task on account of my Japanese fluency is almost a reward in itself.

I also know that my usage of keigo is severely lacking, but I think they forgive me because I’m clearly not a native speaker. That’s one barrier I intend to pass someday.


3 thoughts on “Japanese is My Friend, Even If I Forget About It Sometimes

  1. It’s amazing how quickly language slips. It’s insane, actually! 6 months and it’s noticeable.

    I have a funny story: Japanese people look at me looking VERY confused, because I have no accent I’m told and people just don’t ‘get’ that I don’t understand what they’re saying.

    When I’m checking out at the counter and they ask you like 10 questions, I say: ‘excuse me?’ or ‘what does that mean?’

    That of course means I consciously explain I’m not fluent beyond casual Japanese or else risk sounding like an ass.

    At least I assume you’re reading manga or watching anime in Japanese?


  2. I worry about my Japanese slipping away too. I don’t want my four years of college study to go to waste, so I try to self-study when I can, and watching anime everyday helps too. I use Japanese a tiny bit in my job but not enough to be much help. What’s really lacking for me is Japanese people to talk to >_>


  3. KEIGO… um, I really hate the slip, and I notice it when I use my mind intensely for long periods of time while not focusing on the language. The other place I notice it erodes is when reading a good deal in a language not of study, like reading a ton of English blog posts.

    Really need to play with it every day, but sadly I haven’t been doing this… and my skill isn’t very high, so while I’ve less to lose, it’s definitely noticeable…. KANJI!

    I think it’s easier to express, but easier to lose the power of expression, while the power of understanding might be more difficult, I feel it sticks a bit better.


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