Talk About Kitty Cats: Vertical Vednesday

In about 12 hours there is going to be a Vertical Vednesday. It’s been a while since I’ve actually had the opportunity to go to a Vertical Vednesday, but today I will correct that mistake. I also apologize for telling people about this at the last second.

A Vertical Vednesday is a roughly monthly or bi-monthly meeting in Manhattan with Ed Chavez, the marketing director of manga and Japanese popular culture book publisher Vertical Inc. In terms of manga, their releases include Black Jack and To Terra. This latest VV is going to focus mainly on the English adaptation of Chi’s Sweet Home, the comic about an adorable kitten, but also other recently licensed stuff. If you are able to go, I highly recommend it, as Ed is literally the most knowledgeable person in regards to manga that I know. You’re bound to learn something.

The plan is to meet in front of Kinokuniya NYC (6th Ave between 40th and 41st streets) and then move to a location that can fit the size of the crowd. See you there!

3 thoughts on “Talk About Kitty Cats: Vertical Vednesday

  1. Too bad I live over 9000km (literally) from Manhattan :P

    I didn’t know Chi manga was licensed, the anime was awesomely-cute.


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