Ogiue Maniax on the Otagal Podcast

In case you weren’t aware, I appeared on a recent episode of the Otagal podcast, talking about your favorite subject and mine, Genshiken, or at the very least Genshiken 2.

Viga was my co-host for the Ogiue panel at Otakon 2010, and we have some good discussion for this podcast.

Hope you all enjoy my distinctly non-radio voice.

One thought on “Ogiue Maniax on the Otagal Podcast

  1. Sorry for this off-topic trivia question, but I’ve been lurking forever (as a fellow Ogi/Genshiken fan) and I know you’re also into FotNS and Raoh and such anime history. So I thought you might know: how is Raoh’s line わが生涯に一片の悔いなし usually phrased in English? It’s memorable in Japanese but in English it doesn’t ring any bells.

    Was it one of Suzie’s quoted lines, in genshiken? Seems right up her alley though I don’t know when she would have used it.


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