The Mystery of Ivrogne

Of all the characters in Star Driver, Nichi Keito, alias Ivrogne, has intrigued me the most. With the revelations about her in episodes 17 and 18, I feel like my attention towards her is pretty justified. Before the next episode hits and we learn even more, I want to look at some of the elements to her that made her stand out as a character worth attention, even before the most recent episodes. Before I begin though, I want to state that I am not going to be scrutinizing every little detail about her character by combing through prior episodes. Nor I am trying to shed light on any obscure hints. This is more my observations from watching the show every week, and noticing her behavior somewhat in passing and how it piqued my interest. Naturally, there are spoilers in this post.

The first point is that Keito was friends with Wako and Sugata in their childhood. In first showing that Wako and some other kids built a totem pole as children, and then later revealing that Keito and Sugata were the friends she spoke of raised a lot of questions and still does. What happened to their friendship? Did their friendship in any way influence who they later turned out to be? Does Keito perhaps still consider herself to be their friend?

The second point is the fact that Keito seems so willing to reveal her affiliation with the Glittering Crux (or Glittering Star Crusade if you prefer). She did it with Midori/Professor Green, exposing her identity as Ivrogne. Why would she willingly divulge her identity and bring the whole Kiraboshi thing out of the meetings and Zero Time and into the “real” world? We see it happen too between Sword Star and Manticore, but that was all within Vanishing Age, while this was between two factional leaders.

I have no idea where the friendship between Keito, Sugata, and Wako still stands, but as for Keito’s tendency to figure out others’ true identities, I could only assume that she has her own agenda in all of this. Granted, every character in the show seems to have their own motives, but the fact that she’s so willing to step outside the bounds made me think that her agenda is directly tied to the main events of the show.

Now that we know that she’s actually the East Maiden though, it kind of starts to clear up. She is much more intimately connected with Zero Time and the island, so her true motives must be tied in with the main direction of the story as well, even if she might be trying to prevent or even circumvent it (or perhaps even advance them more quickly). Furthermore, her status as the East Maiden gives a new layer to her extra-group activities. By revealing herself as Ivrogne, she can deflect suspicion about her other secret identity. In a way, I imagine her as closer to Char Aznable than anyone else, a high-ranking and well-known member of the enemy organization who hides her true identity for some as-of-yet unseen personal goal.

So again, it’s not an extensive analysis or anything, but this is sort of thing is one of the reasons I like Star Driver. In addition to the almost abstract sense of story that it possesses, the characterization is quite enticing, even if it doesn’t seem that way at first. I could also point to Takuto in episode 18 and how he wasn’t able to come up with any embarrassing secrets. Is it that he has some deep, dark secret he can’t reveal no matter what, or is it just that he’s such an honest and straightforward guy that he doesn’t have any?

The last thing I want to talk about is how the connection between the Glittering Crux and the Maidens gets closer and closer. The North Maiden was kept by Head as a pet, the West Maiden was the “sister” of a Crux member, and the East Maiden is the leader of a Crux division. That leaves Wako the South Maiden, and I’m not quite sure which side of that she falls on, but I suspect she’s going to have a much closer tie to the Kiraboshi Juujidan than what is currently shown.

5 thoughts on “The Mystery of Ivrogne

  1. So we should pay more attention to her because she is like Char? I’m sorry it’s the one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb in this post.

    They also never really explained her first stage either, when she made some drugs for that particular episode that revealed her past wrt the totem.

    As for your very last inquiry, I guess Wako could be the betrothed to the leader of the Kiraboshi Juujidan.


  2. I suspect she’s going to have a much closer tie to the Kiraboshi Juujidan than what is currently shown.

    It might have already been hinted at several times. Take a look at the carpet in Wako’s room.


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