The Fujoshi Files 22: Arisaka Haruka

Name: Arisaka, Haruka (有坂 遥)
Harurun (はるるん), Haruharutei (ハルハル亭), Ice Cream (あいすくり~む)
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: Otaku no Musume-san

Arisaka Haruka is a high school-age manga assistant who lives at Higan-sou, a small apartment filled with otaku and other eccentric individuals. The younger sister of a popular doujin artist, Haruka also attends Comic Market frequently as an artist. Unable to find self-confidence on her own, she began mimicking her sister both in drawing style and personality, and even quit high school as a result.

Though she originally copied her sister, Haruka was able to rediscover her own style and conviction to draw manga thanks to the help of Higan-sou resident and fellow manga assistant Morisaki Kouta, his daughter Yukimura Kanau, and Kanau’s friend, Serio, who was a fan of Haruka before she started copying her sister. Haruka has since begun attending high school again and developed a crush on Kouta. Since returning to school, she has gained a friend and fellow fujoshi in her classmate Rika.

Fujoshi Level:
Haruka’s fujoshi mind has been able to fantasize about Kouta and another resident of Higan-sou in loving embrace using that energy and her own artistic talents to bring those ideas to life. Fueled partially by her crush on Kouta, it is unknown to what extent the fictional BL Kouta’s personality differs from the real thing.

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