The Fujoshi Files 27: Naganohara Mio

Name: Naganohara Mio (長野原みお)
Alias: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: Nichijou

Naganohara Mio is a high school student and an easily excitable girl who frequently has to deal with the absurdity of others, whether it’s from her best friends Aioi Yuuko and Minakami Mai, or from her older sister Yoshino. Fairly athletic, the main thing that keeps Mio from excelling in sports is a seeming inability to channel her physical abilities in an organized fashion. Regardless, she is a fast runner, has some training in kendo (thanks to her sister being a prodigy in the sport), and is adept at pro wrestling techniques, notably the Dragon Screw. Mio is also notable for her usage of two wooden cubes as hair ties.

Mio is a skilled amateur artist who frequently ends up drawing BL content or something related to it. Though she often tries to refrain from showing that side to others, it ends up coming out whether she wants it to or not. The most frequent reference for her racier drawings is an older student named Sasahara Koujirou, a sophisticated son of a farmer on whom Mio has a crush.

Fujoshi Level:
Mio is able to use her physical skills in defense of her fujoshi lifestyle. When pushed to the limit, she is capable of defeating multiple adversaries, man or beast, in order to protect her artwork.

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