Creamy Mami, All Right In the End I Guess

A few months ago when I decided to write my mid-series thoughts on the 80s magical girl anime Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami, I expressed some dissatisfaction with the show. With a story centered around a young girl who gains the ability to transform into an older version of herself, and who becomes a beloved pop star as a result, the fault I found in Creamy Mami is that did not do enough to convey its main character Yuu as a normal girl. All of her friends around her age were boys somehow romantically linked to her, and she seemingly never had a normal environment such as as school setting which you could contrast with her adventures.

Shortly after I published that post, I went into the second half of Creamy Mami and lo and behold, the anime now featured her attending classes and talking to female classmates. Seeing as it’s highly unlikely that my thoughts somehow traveled back in time and influenced the production of Creamy Mami, I can only imagine that similar criticisms were brought up at the time, and that at the half-way point they decided to do something about it. At the same time, the show was also clearly successful enough to hit that 6-month mark and continue (and I know there are OVAs and such as well).

While they eventually resolved some of the issues with Creamy Mami, I have to say that it’s the kind of show where even though it gets better, it takes so long to do so that I can hardly expect anyone to stick around, even if it concludes well. Overall, it’s mostly a cute fluff kind of show, which can be nice, but you can also get cute fluff and some more substance from other shows.

Actually, if you want to know the best part about Creamy Mami, it’s probably the second ending theme, Love Sarigenaku. It’s catchy, and kind of a far cry from the rest of the songs in the show, in a good way.

4 thoughts on “Creamy Mami, All Right In the End I Guess

  1. Did Creamy Mami originate the modern anime theme song? The old kind seems to have dominated from Astro Boy up through SDF Macross, then comes Creamy Mami with an OP that wouldn’t be out of place today. Pretty much any anime from then on seems to have the modern kind, with rare exceptions like GaoGaiGar, Pretty Cure, and arguably One Piece.


  2. I always thought Urusei Yatsura was accredited with producing a more modern theme song formula. They were the first to have idols sing songs specifically for the show. Urusei Yatsura also pre-dates Creamy Mami by something like 3 years.


  3. Further investigation suggests that I was indeed overlooking Urusei Yatsura (partly, I must admit, due to the first OP’s title) and in general not examining the 1980-1982 period closely enough. Thank you.


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