The Fujoshi Files 37: Takako

Name: Takako (タカコ)
Alias: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: Fujoshi no Honkai

Takako is 15 years old and a fan of the Nanairo no Shacho series. Being the younger sister of a fellow fujoshi, Takako has had the benefit of growing up with her older sister Takayo’s vast BL archives, though Takayo’s decision to move in with her boyfriend (and to take her collection with her) leaves Takako having to fend for herself.

Takako is very comfortable talking with fellow otaku no matter their age, and believes that the best approach to being a fujoshi is to have as many cherished pairings as possible. She is good friends with Shu Mei, a Taiwanese exchange student and fellow fujoshi, and also eventually befriends the closet fujoshi Ageha. Together, they delight in having conversations about anime and manga, as well as pairing a couple of their fellow classmates who greatly resemble the characters of the Shacho franchise.

Fujoshi Level:
Owing to her sister’s influence, Takako has been a fujoshi since birth. While playing with dolls at the age of 4, Takako would wed her male dolls to each other.

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