The Fujoshi Files 46: Kagawa Rika

Name: Kagawa, Rika (香川リカ)
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: Otaku no Musume-san

Kagawa Rika is a classmate and friend of Higan-sou resident Arisaka Haruka. She has a younger sister in elementary school named Riko. Rika has a crush on an older man, Nitta Chihiro (who also lives in Higan-sou), though he is not interested in her. A teenager, Rika believes that she is too young for him, when in fact the truth is the complete opposite.

Fujoshi Level:
Rika is not an extreme fujoshi, but she still got thrilled at the idea of Nichi and Kouta in a relationship, and was the one who encouraged Haruka to make a drawing of them in the first place.

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