Ogiue Maniax’s First Trip to Anime Expo!

Though not my first time in Los Angeles, it’ll be my first time hitting up Anime Expo, that monster convention whose size and majesty dwarfs all around it. In fact, it’s also my very first west coast convention, so while I know what to expect from a big convention, I don’t know if there’s anything particular this con in particular that I should be aware of.

In any case, I’ll be attending most if not all of the academic panels, and trying to go to the concerts if I can. I’ll also have my own presentation to give while I’m there on Saturday, as part of the Building Bridges Through Individual Texts panel. My presentation is titled going to be focused on the science fiction manga 7 Billion Needles.

My (tentative) schedule is as follows:


The Cutting Edge of Anime and Manga Studies (11am-12:15pm)

Why Do We Try So Hard? Anime and Manga Studies Roundtable Discussion (12:15pm-1:15pm)

The Origin of Anime Fandom (2pm-3pm)

Aniplex of America Industry Panel (3pm-3:45pm)

Animetal USA (WHO IS IT WHO IS IT WHO IS IT) (4:30pm-6:15pm)

Adventures in Teaching: “The History of Manga” (7:15pm-8:15pm)

Bushiroad Industry Panel (8:15pm-9:15pm)


E-Manga: The New Style of Manga with Ryo Horikawa (11am-12pm)

Animetal USA panel (12:15pm-1:30pm)

Madoka Magica panel hosted by Aniplex (3pm-4pm)

Anime Bloggers/Podcasters Town Hall (4pm-5pm)

Yuki Kajiura/FictionJunction (6pm-8pm)

Building Bridges Through Individual Texts (8:30pm-10pm) (That’s me!)


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fan Panel (9am-10am)

Hamada, Morio, Tsunoki (Madhouse) (10am-11am)

LiSA Concert (12:15pm-2:45pm)

Right Stuf/Nozomi Entertainment Premieres (3:15pm-4:45pm)

What do Anime Fans do, Why and How? (5:15pm-6:45pm)

Supporting and Expanding Anime and Manga Studies (7pm-8pm)


Who knows!

So there you have it. For all you cool dudes I know, I hope to see you, and if I don’t know you, then I hope to at least meet you.

8 thoughts on “Ogiue Maniax’s First Trip to Anime Expo!

  1. The most important difference between west coast and east coast conventions is that everyone on the west coast owns better cameras.

    I think there might also be less fishnet raver catgirls. In both cases that’s probably because slightly older people come (and it’s more expensive to attend anyway), or maybe the young people just have stricter parents.

    AX in particular has a lot more industry events than usual (e.g. Fanime), but that’s not too different from Otakon, and the industry is pretty dead at the moment anyway.


    • I think west coast cons just have more Asians, perhaps as an explanation of both of your observations.

      AX is very much an industry con nowadays. I think Otakon is still rather lean on the industry side all in all, and doesn’t really compare to AX in that sense. There are a ton of stuff off the schedule going on as effort from industry folks running their own programming.

      Also SDS might want to check out Nihongo de OK? Seems like right up your alley.


  2. Welcome (back) to AX/LA! I look forward to attending your panel in person (my wife and I will also be at the Yuki Kajura concert before that). What kind of Godiva Chocolate shall we bring you?


  3. I’ll be at AX, too. I’m also going to the Aniplex panel, Madoka panel, Anime Bloggers/Podcasters Town Hall, the Yuki Kajiura concert, and the LiSA concert. Hope to see you there =) (I assumes you’ll have your online name on your badge holder since I won’t know what you look like ^^,,,) I’ll try to take a peek at your panel on Sat. night too.


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