So What of the Bunny Outfits in Dead or Alive 5?

One of my more popular posts seems to be the one discussing the portrayal of women in Dead or Alive 5, and my conclusion back then was that, at least according to the trailers, they seemed to fulfill some of their promises on making the girls more uniquely beautiful, to make them more “realistic.”

Now that they’ve revealed pre-order bunny outfits in DOA5 though, one might say that I’ve been proven wrong, but I don’t think that’s the case if only because I never said that Dead or Alive 5 would end up being completely without fanservice or sexual imagery, but simply that it has made progress compared to past iterations of the franchise. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the girls would not be treated as sex symbols, but that the type of sexiness would not be so singular. Even the original comment by the director is about giving them realistic mannerisms and voices, not removing their provocativeness.

One of the things that I find really strange though is that the girls’ poses and such are clearly aren’t designed for bunny outfits, so they look quite awkward while wearing them, sexy or not.

So basically, the bunny outfits are pretty silly (and obvious in their appeal), and they probably are indicative both the steps taken and not taken by Dead or Alive 5.

2 thoughts on “So What of the Bunny Outfits in Dead or Alive 5?

  1. That particular image is Hitomi’s signature “Victory” pose, usually done in modern causal clothing, sportswear, or a gi. Pictures like that convince me that the bunny outfits are just skins, added to the game without any plot presence at all.

    This doesn’t surprise me, in the DoA games that preceded 5, available clothes reflected the back-story and sometimes the locations. In the oncoming game, Hitomi also gets a clown outfit to go with the scary circus level they’re providing in DoA5, so it looks like business as usual on that aspect. I think the bunny outfits were an afterthought, maybe in response to a request from an entity outside Team Ninja, like the Advertizing Dept.


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