Vocaloids and Vegetables @ Go Go Curry

20121005_gumiWhen I think of Christmas, I think of food, and vocaloids (I guess).

While this is all old news by now, it’s new to me, and I figure that there are people like me out there still. Visiting Go Go Curry for the first time in a long while, I saw that there’s actually been some kind of Go Go Curry/Vocaloid collaboration, notably in the form of a Go Go Curry theme song titled “Can’t Stop! Go Go Curry.” The Vocaloid used for the song is actually “Gumi,” the synthesized version of Nakajima “Ranka Lee” Megumi, and the song is by Satsuki ga Tenkomori and Nijihara Peperon, though I don’t know anything about the Vocaloid scene so I can’t tell you anything about them. The girl on the poster’s design is reminiscent of Oreimo, though not by the original character designer. You can see the music video below.

In addition, at the West Village location in New York City, Go Go Curry has been serving a full-on vegetarian curry sauce for the past few months, which I was able to try out. It was clearly a necessary move given the amount of vegans and vegetarians in that area, but I also think it’s a positive change. Early in the Midtown Go Go Curry location’s life, I had seen multiple instances of Muslims and others unable to eat pork enter into the Midtown Go Go Curry location, only to find out that pork is inherent to Go Go’s curry roux, so I think it’s the best way to expand their customer base.

As for the Vegetable Curry itself (which I got with pork sausages), the sauce is definitely different from the pork-based original, being thinner and not having quite as deep and robust a flavor, but it’s still good and mixes well with the rice. Coming in either mild or spicy, if you can eat pork then I wouldn’t recommend it over the original normally, unless you eat there often enough that you’d like a slight change of pace. And of course, for those who can’t, now’s your chance to try out Go Go Curry.


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