Ogiue Maniax on The Veef Show’s AKB0048 Podcast

A new podcast is out where the Veef and myself discuss that most radical of idol-themed science fiction anime, AKB0048.

We cover personal opinions on the show, the influence of director Kawamori Shouji and writer Okada Mari, favorite characters, trends in current and old anime, and I make a remark about AKB0048‘s connection to neo-Marxist theory.

AKB0048 is available on Crunchyroll for free.

2 thoughts on “Ogiue Maniax on The Veef Show’s AKB0048 Podcast

  1. Interesting that the picture you chose was of (the vastly superior) Makoto and Suzuko hijinks duo, rather than your in-show stated predilection towards the comedy stylings of (the rather weak) Sonata and Suzuko. In my mind, I will say that you meant to say Makoto and Suzuko all along, and that you don’t actually get too much of a kick out of the 10 year-old who autographed her soda can.


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