The Fujoshi Files 71: Nakajima Yuuko

Name: Nakajima, Yuuko (中島裕子)
Alias: N/A
Relationship Status: N/A
Origin: Genshiken: The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture II

Nakajima Yuuko is a fujoshi from Yamagata Prefecture in the Tohoku region of Japan. An old classmate of Ogiue Chika’s from their middle school days, the two would collaborate on their own amateur BL manga along with the rest of their school’s “Literature Club” with Nakajima as one of the writers. However, the two had a falling out when their last collaboration, an extremely graphic depiction of Ogiue’s secret boyfriend Makita with his own best friend, became known to Makita, which caused Makita to transfer schools. Though there is no direct evidence, it is likely that Nakajima and her friends are the ones who showed it to Makita in the first place, being aware of what was actually going on between Ogiue and him.

In the present, Nakajima still lives in Tohoku, and remains friends with at least one of the girls from her middle school days, Shigeta Mina. Though Nakajima is very stylish and fashionable, her regular trips to Comic Festival indicate that she is still very much into yaoi. In addition, her current feelings about Ogiue are not entirely clear, as she exhibits signs of jealousy and resentment towards her, and seemingly revels in reminding Ogiue (and Ogiue’s friends) of her past, but at the same time also appears to show a certain degree of concern for her.

Fujoshi Level:
There are no clear details about Nakajima’s fujocity other than that she has some experience writing BL stories, and that she is at least to some extent still a fan of yaoi.

4 thoughts on “The Fujoshi Files 71: Nakajima Yuuko

  1. “Fujocity” is a great word. I tried looking up, and it turned out you’d coined that term quite some time ago.


  2. I wonder why you keep using “fashionable” and “likes yaoi” as mutually-exclusive terms. I had no idea that your sexual fetishes were directly related with how you dress.


    • I certainly don’t believe that the terms are mutually exclusive, but I point it out often because it goes against the stereotypical image of the fujoshi, or nerd girls in general, just like how if I were writing about Kohsaka in Genshiken, I would point out that his handsomeness runs counter to the image of an otaku as a smelly unshaven nerd.

      There’s also the fact that in media and in real life, the move towards fashion is often a way for geeks of both genders to try and distance themselves or deny their own geekdom, to “grow up,” or even as smokescreen for their hobbies, as is the case with many of the fujoshi characters I’ve written about. In pointing out Nakajima and other fujoshi characters maintain both, my intention is to not say how unusual that is, but to say how unusual it isn’t, to those who might still associate fujoshi with specific image stereotypes.


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