Genshiken Nidaime First Trailer

The new Genshiken has its first trailer, a 30-second clip. It’s just a voiceover with Yoshitake, Yajima, and Hato, as well as a small bit of Ogiue, but there are some things I observed in the trailer.

The main thing I noticed is that the new Ogiue voice, Yamamoto Nozomi, sounds similar to the previous actor Mizuhashi Kaori, though not Mizuhashi’s performance of Ogiue. Mizuhashi is quite varied (Ogiue doesn’t resemble Miyako in Hidamari Sketch), and Yamamoto’s performance sounds a bit closer to some of Mizuhashi’s other roles, such as Rosetta in Kaleidostar or Mami in Madoka Magica. So it’s sort of a match, but sort of not.

The other notable thing, I think, is that they didn’t give Yajima a “fat” voice. A lot of times, heavyset characters in anime have a deeper, rounder voice to emphasize their weight, but Yajima’s voice sounds more normal. It doesn’t quite have the coarseness I was expecting, but it’s still good to see it not fall into that old stereotype.

Genshiken Nidaime starts July 6th. I still haven’t decided if I’ll episode-blog it or not, especially because that eats up a whole bunch of my post slots (even if it would make for easy content). The other issue of course is that I’ve already done chapter reviews of the source material, and I worry that it’d be quite redundant. That said, maybe I can use it as a way to revisit those previous chapters.

What do you think? Are the chapter reviews already more than enough?


12 thoughts on “Genshiken Nidaime First Trailer

  1. As long as you have something to say about it, you might as well post it here. You shouldn’t feel pressured to update your opinion every week, but I’d like to hear your take if you thought anything was interesting. If you didn’t think much of an episode, don’t force yourself to write about it


  2. +2 on qb’s comment. If you feel like sharing your thoughts please do, if you’d prefer to write about other things – I’m sure we’ll also find that interesting too.


  3. +4. By the way, it seems they won’t explain how Ogiue and Sasa started to dating. Unless they make latter some episode as a memory of Ogiue.


    • Write about whatever you please and of course the anime will not be the
      manga and vice versa. The changes that are made are of interest as are the changes between the original Genshiken manga and the Genshiken anime.


    • +5

      I’m also in favor of you posting if you see something to talk about. Think of it as a chance to highlight what the anime adds/changes/cuts from the source material, and what that does to the story.


  4. Instead of posting about every episode, couldn’t you just do a shorter summary of changes from the source material every few weeks/month? If there’s a risk of anime commentary taking up posts, just compress it. You’re gonna be watching anyway!


  5. mostly just what everybody else is saying about comparing/contrasting the two mediums. revisiting old chapters in itself can lend some new insight as well. it would probably be good practice even in private, and if you have anything to share, well then all the better.


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