Name: Himenogi, Rin (姫乃木凜)
Alias: Rinrin (リンリン ), Hime Ringo (姫リンゴ)
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: Princess Ringo’s Adventures in “Wota” Land

Himenogi Rin is a fashionable office lady who seeks the reputation of “Princess of OLs” among her co-workers, though unbeknownst to them she is also a hardcore fujoshi. This changes when one of her new co-workers turns out to be Yamada Moe, an old acquaintance and fellow fujoshi who tries to push Rin to be more open about it. Secretly a virgin, Rin tries to get with one of her fellow coworkers, but when he turns out to be a manipulative womanizer she cooperates with Moe and a victim named Chitose Sakurako to get revenge.

Rin’s favorite series is Prince Salaryman, and her favorite character is “Red.” Although once ridiculed out of cosplaying due to being overweight in her younger years, Rin returns to it with Moe’s encouragement where her current beauty garners her new popularity, including (to her horror) with one of her coworkers who isn’t aware of “Hime Ringo’s” true identity.

Fujoshi Level:
All of Rin’s prospective first times were halted by her yaoi fantasies when each man involved got too scared. In another instance, Rin, cosplaying as Red, was so into her BL persona at a doujin event that she french kissed Sakurako cosplaying the same character in front of an audience.