The Fujoshi Files 94: Hoshino Rei’s Senpai in Life

Name: N/A
Alias: Hoshino Rei’s Senpai in Life (星野 れい人生の先輩), Beret Adventure Club (ベレー帽冒険部)
Relationship Status: Dating
Origin: Tonari no 801-chan: Fujoshi-teki High School Life

The unnamed girl referred to by fujoshi Hoshino Rei as her “Senpai in Life” is an experienced doujinshi artist who regularly attends events while also dispensing advice for Rei. At one event, Rei, along with Rei’s acquaintances, help her to sell her entire stock.

Fujoshi Level:
Little is known, other than that Hoshino Rei considers her to be a stronger and wiser fujoshi.

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