New Fujoshi-themed Manga in English


Crunchyroll recently announced a slew of new manga for its site, and given my interest in stories themed around fujoshi characters, Watashi ga Motete Dousunda by Junko stands out to me the most. Below is the official description:

Kae Serinuma is what you’d call a “fujoshi.” When she sees boys getting along with each other, she loves to indulge in wild fantasies! One day her favorite anime character dies and the shock causes her to lose a ton of weight. Then four hot guys at school ask her out, but that isn’t exciting to her at all — she’d rather see them date each other!

Also of note is the fact that there’s a naming competition for the official English title. The title literally means “What Am I Going to Do About Being Popular?” but the series also already has an alternate English title: Boys, Kiss Him Instead of Me.

I recall that this manga had some controversy surrounding it due to its basic premise and the message it might be sending to those with eating disorders. However, I hadn’t followed up on either that discussion or the actual manga itself so I can’t recommend it offhand, but I’ll definitely be checking it out.

Its characters will also eventually appear in the Fujoshi Files, my catalog for fujoshi characters in anime and manga (the list recently passed 100!).

As far as I know, Watashi ga Motete Dousunda would be the fifth fujoshi-themed manga to be licensed in English, following Mousou Shoujo Otakukei (aka Fujoshi Rumi), Fujoshi Kanojo (aka My Girlfriend is a Geek), Moehime (about a Heian period fujoshi, formerly on JManga), and of course, Genshiken Nidaime (or Genshiken Second Season).



4 thoughts on “New Fujoshi-themed Manga in English

  1. Oh wow, this got licensed? I read a few chapters and it was very funny and I think anyone could enjoy it. It’s just a silly comedy, any controversy is really unwarranted.


  2. I have read a few chapter of this online. She need a female friend or foil
    much like the pair in Mousou Shoujo Otakukei to vent her fantasies to.
    Remember she is only the re-iteration of the secondary fujoshi in that
    series who lost weight and became popular.
    Otherwise as the boys line up to schedule time with her so that they
    don’t fight about it it seems like a harem for her.



  3. I’ve read this in Chinese, and while I’m not sure the controversy is necessary, the premise does make it seriously hard to root for any of the male characters.

    The problem is that prior to the main girl losing weight, only one male character is really on friendly terms with her. The rest of them either barely knows she exists or are outright hostile. The fact that they change their tune after she turns skinny makes most of the so called heros feel really shallow.

    This is really highlighted roughly a dozen chapters in, when for a brief time the girl gains her weight back. The boys try their best to ignore it but eventually band together at the end of the chapter to make sure she loses weight again. It’s just terrible and hard to laugh off.


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