Naruto: Victory is Mine!!!

Naruto final chapters SPOILERS.

As an anime fan, I don’t have a lot of character pairings to which I’m super devoted. However, the closest I come to having a true “ship” is Naruto x Hinata. Based on how their relationship began and has developed over the course of Naruto, I find that it makes the most sense, and had hoped that Hinata would have her happy ending. After all, Hinata saw before anyone else how hard-working Naruto is, and was the first to understand his pain, wile Naruto is the catalyst for Hinata’s own growth.

Now that the final chapter of Naruto all but confirms that Naruto and Hinata not only end up together but even have a couple of kids, all I can say is…


That said, I never actually participated in any “shipping wars” or whatever. However, I finally understand on some level the joy that more dedicated shippers feel when their desired pairing ends up being canon. There’s a strange satisfaction in knowing that all of the little moments that caught my attention as a reader ended up bearing fruit.

Now all that’s left is for me to someday feel the agony of defeat, but for the time being:

Oh, and for all of the confusion and convoluted plot developments, it looks like Naruto ends just fine.


5 thoughts on “Naruto: Victory is Mine!!!

  1. Now we just need to see the Last Movie to see how Naruto actually returns the feelings. i always liked the ship even though I was seeing the romantic feelings more from Hinata than Naruto.

    If only more of the ships I liked in shows and games played out. it’s the little victories.


  2. Even though Naruto’s last arc didn’t interest me much, I must say I thought the end was very good. Not breathtaking, but seeing everyone’s future, and who ends up with who, not just Naruto and Hinata, is bringing that feeling of closure I’m missing in many manga/anime endings.


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