The Fujoshi Files 115: Kuroda Chouko

Name: Kuroda, Chouko (黒田蝶子)
Alias: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: Kyoumeiseyo!! Shiritsu Todoroki Koukou Tosho Iinkai

A member of the Todoroki High School Book Committe, Kuroda Chouko is the perfect student, skilled in both academics and sports, reliable, and blessed with good looks. Unknown to most, however, Kuroda is also an extremely rotten fujoshi who is particularly fond of super sentai. Fantasizing over pairings of imaginary characters and fellow club members, Kuroda has also created some BL doujinshi herself.

Fujoshi Level:
While most fujoshi are satisfied with thinking of pairings in terms of the traditional “Character A x Character B” or “B x A” scenario, Kuroda has come up with a whole system of pairings using additional mathematical symbols to represent different concepts. These include A ∞ B, A ≠ B (which creates something of a tsundere relationship), and A ≡ B.

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