Ogiue Maniax Reviewing Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun on the Anime Now! Podcast

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun was one of my favorite anime of last season, only I never got around to talking about it. Fortunately, I’ve gotten a second chance thanks to one Mr. Bradley C. Meek, who has started up a new show, the Anime Now! Podcast. You can listen to us talk about one of the funniest shows in recent memory, where perpetual misunderstandings make would-be romances even more charming at the same time that the series riffs on shoujo manga tropes.

Anime Now! Podcast Episode 1

2 thoughts on “Ogiue Maniax Reviewing Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun on the Anime Now! Podcast

  1. Nice review of GSNK! I think I enjoy podcast reviews because I get to hear people talk about the series and the stuff they liked unrestrained – sometimes I feel like written reviews are too manicured, and video reviews tend to only have one person, and I enjoy actual discussion, especially for a show like this where there isn’t much to review by way of plot, so what you find interesting is how you react to the characters. I like that you discussed all of the characters and your opinions on them and the relationships.

    Note about Kashima – In the character’s official profiles there is a section for “type”. For example, Chiyo’s type is just “Nozaki”. For Kashima they put “she thinks all girls are cute, and doesn’t know for guys”, which heavily implies that she IS indeed bisexual with a leaning to girls. I think she’s a pretty unique spin on the “androgynous school idol” archetype.


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