The Fujoshi Files 131: Urashima Hono

Name: Urashima, Hono (浦島帆乃)
Alias: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: f ningyo

A freshman college student at the university where marine biologist Tsubaki Reiji teaches and the BL-loving mermaid Mero resides, Urashima Hono comes to college interested in snagging lots of guys. However, she instead becomes a friend of sorts with Mero, who teaches her the way of the fujoshi.

Fujoshi Level:
Urashima has only just begun to adopt a fujoshi mindset, but is helped along by Mero.

3 thoughts on “The Fujoshi Files 131: Urashima Hono

    • I tend to keep an eye out for any anime or manga that has fujoshi characters in them. When I first started this, I figured there wouldn’t be that many, but as the years pass more and more fujoshi characters appear, so I also have to keep up as well.

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      • It always seems like that. “Oh there won’t be that many.” Soon years pass and several hundred episodes/chapters are done. It feels like that sums up a lot of weekly manga/anime series.


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