The Fujoshi Files 133: Chiemi

Name: Chiemi (ちえみ)
Alias: Mameyoshi (まめ吉)
Relationship Status: Married
Origin: Cyber Yaoi Girl

A mother of newborn fraternal boy twins, Chiemi is a member of the Ai no Doronuma yaoi fandom known online as Mameyoshi. Though her husband is initially unaware of her hobbies, the extremely graphic auto-completes while typing in Japanese on their family computer eventually reveals the truth. As a result, their interactions turn somewhat antagonistic.

Chiemi loves her sons, though she begrudges the fact that having them means she cannot go to Comic Market for quite a few years.

Fujoshi Level:
Before her sons were born, Chiemi thought up a variety of otaku-themed names. After their birth, she designates one the “seme” and one the “uke,” and also encourages their close “brotherly” bonds.

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