“Mr. Mahjong” Kojima Takeo Appears im Akamatsu Ken’s UQ Holder!

In a recent chapter of UQ Holder!, the main character Konoe Touta gets a lesson in how to mask one of his greatest weaknesses. To make a point, his teacher mentions a certain famous mahjong player who suffered from narcolepsy. That player is actually Kojima Takeo, the most well-known mahjong expert in Japan.

Nicknamed “Mr. Mahjong,” Kojima has been active for decades and even still plays today. Last year, he attended the World Riichi Championship in France along with his fellow players from the Japan Professional Mahjong League.

You can see him in action in this video:

And here he is showing you how to cheat at mahjong:

One thought on ““Mr. Mahjong” Kojima Takeo Appears im Akamatsu Ken’s UQ Holder!

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