The Fujoshi Files 150: Tomoe

Name: Tomoe (十萌)
Alias: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: Moehime

Tomoe is a voracious reader and highly imaginative writer living during the Heian Period. Having an interest in BL (before the term existed as such), she not only regularly creates works of guy on guy pairings, but befriends a group of youkai who are also mostly into yaoi. In addition to creating works of that specific genre, Tomoe also writes regular fiction, notably “Collection of Rice Water.” She loves stories of men in adverse circumstances.

Tomoe’s tastes in BL vary, but she is especially interested in pairings where the older or senior individual is on the bottom. This can be seen in her pairing of the younger scissor merchant x older paper merchant, as well as writing stories where the Emperor is an uke. However, at one point, in order to enter the inner circle of Chuuguu, the Emperor’s wife, and gain access to her group’s collection of BL fiction, she writes a story about the Emperor and a pirate boy.

Fujoshi Level:
At times, Tomoe becomes so devoted to her pairings of real people that she will arrange for them to meet by “coincidence,” such as ordering scissors and paper from their respective merchants and timing it so that they run into each other.

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