The Fujoshi Files 168: Kankiri

Name: Kankiri (かんきり)
Alias: Kan-san (かんさん)
Relationship Status: Dating
Origin: Happy Fujoshi: Otaku no Onee-san

Kankiri is a university student who tries her hardest to hide her identity as a female otaku. However, it turns out to be futile as almost everyone she meets either is an otaku themselves or is familiar enough with otaku and fujoshi to recognize the signs of one.

She first got into BL because of the anime Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru. Prior to that, she started becoming an otaku in elementary school, and by middle school discovered that she has a thing for age gaps. Kankiri is also critical of impossible shirts on women in anime and manga, comparing them to pants that cling to a man’s erection at all times.

Fujoshi Level:
Kankiri believes couplings and reverse couplings are fine, which puts her at odds with other fujoshi.


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