New (Old) Japanese Genshiken Re-Release!

The first Genshiken manga is getting a new edition in Japan. Called Genshiken “Shinsouban” (“New Edition”), this new version will be five omnibus-sized volumes in total (as opposed to nine volumes in the original release), and will be printed on larger, A5-size paper. The volumes will also feature brand new covers, as seen above.

The first volume goes on sale May 23rd. As to whether or not I’ll be getting it, the answer is “probably.” I am a sucker for new covers, and the only thing preventing me from owning the anime version five times over was cost. It’ll also hinge on whether or not there are any store-exclusives like with the Genshiken Nidaime releases. No word yet on what, if any, special image cards will be included.

2 thoughts on “New (Old) Japanese Genshiken Re-Release!

  1. Was wondering if you ever had the chance to get and muse upon the volume extras of the last few Genshinken ‘tanks’. I went obsessive and now have the full run, courtesy of the enemy-of-all-mangakas; BOOK OFF. (Also V1 of SF) Unfortunately, while poiting the android phone with GTranslate set to photo rec might work on curry packages, the results with manga are… less than useful.

    Once a series ends, amateur translation and commentary interest wanes. I suppose I must resign myself to waiting for the official English releases up to V21.

    I miss Genshiken.


  2. I miss Genshiken myself but I find plenty to read.*

    But thick versions of Genshiken with multi-volumes have been on sale, translated
    to English in the local Kinokuniya manga shop here in Nihon Machi, San Francisco
    for some time.
    I bought all the Genshiken stuff I could afford when it was cheaper and the money
    I had to spend went further. These days I have a Volume 10 of Genshiken:Second Season
    (aka Nidaime)on order though I read the whole thing on line.
    That amounts to 11 DVDs and with the fan book about 19 or 20 volumes of manga.
    Oh yeah nearly forgot the novelette “Return of the Otaku” where Madarame saves
    the world.

    * plenty to read! ODORU KEIKAN Manga, Hana to Hina wa Houkago Manga, Tomehane! Manga which stopped the translation at chapter 64, Hyougemono (a Tea Otaku in the Sengoku period), Seitokai Yakuindomo(dirty schoolgirl jokes), COMPLEX AGE (Sakuma Yui)
    a story about when Cosplay becomes too much. SABISHISUGITE LESBIAN FUZOKU NI IKIMASHITA REPORT(Eita Kabi), CIRCLE CRASH! a gyaru falls for an Otaku and joins
    his circle, KONO KOI NI MIRAI WA NAI Manga real Transgender dysphoria revealed in
    the first chapter, SEKITOU ELERGY Manga a rom-com as a boy becomes an adult and
    is in love with his co-worker, SAKON – SENGOKU FUUUNROKU -superhuman sword
    accomplishment and alternative history, HAPPINESS (OSHIMI SHUZO) a vampire story
    with what would be seen as realism by some.

    That is just the more recent stuff. But I have a watch on for Hidamari no Ki aka
    Tezuka’s ancestor in the period where the shogunate fell. Big feature is the doctor
    and the samurai friendship, their loves and deeds.

    Well in the old days I used to gorge and try to finish a series as fast as I
    could but these days I hold myself to a chapter of a few series every day.

    bliss who would trade them all for a chance to see Spotted Flower expanded
    with the latest membership in the Genshiken which could become a fan-sub circle
    dragging Ohno and Saki into the center, but we need to see what becomes of
    the Nidaime crew.

    Plenty to read and if you look for it you can find it online.



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