Turrican for Super Smash Bros.

Ever since Smash Bros. Ultimate was announced, I’ve been inspired to draw and design character movesets for iconic figures from video game history. Last time, I did Tatanga, final boss of Super Mario Land. This time, it’s going to be a somewhat more obscure character: Turrican, from the game of the same name by German game designer Manfred Trenz.

While Turrican might be somewhat familiar to SNES/Super Famicom owners, the real meat and significance of Turrican is that it’s one of the most famous games for the Commodore 64 and Commodore Amiga. As Smash Bros. slowly expands from a celebration of Nintendo to a celebration of gaming, I’ve entertained the notion of computer gaming getting its due with characters like Turrican and Thrall from the Warcraft franchise.

The Turrican games are sprawling platformers/shooters in the same vein as Metroid, and even the Turrican character himself bears a lot of resemblance to Samus Aran—ranged weaponry, armor, and even a rolling form. Ideally, a moveset would emphasize their differences rather than their similarities. To that extent, there are a few unique qualities about Turrican. Unlike Samus, who has a gun arm, Turrican holds his gun with at least one hand at all times. This means a lot of his normals are knees, elbows, etc. Also, his ranged weaponry serves different functions. He can’t charge his Laser or his Snaking Beam to be high-powered KO moves, though the Laser can eventually KO at very high percents, and it goes through obstacles.

Snaking Beam is somewhat akin to Bowser or Charizard’s flame attacks, except that its range is much, much greater and it can be swung to cover nearly 360 degrees around Turrican’s body. However, the drawback is that it eventually stops flinching if held for too long, so it can’t keep opponents out forever, and it has a long recovery time. But it’s great for tacking on damage in edgeguarding situations and makes running away nearly impossible.

Turrican’s Wheel attack is closer to a Sonic Spin Dash or a Yoshi Egg Roll, but more potent in certain respects. It’s invincible on startup and has strong KO power at the very beginning, meaning it can reliably get Turrican out of uncomfortable situations or lead to a kill. That said, the move can only be used sparingly, with a long cool-down that keeps it from being abusable—missing means having it off the table for a good chunk of time. Also, it’s good at killing or evading, but trying to do both is difficult. As for the Jet Pack, it’s a fairly conventional no-damage recovery move that doesn’t induce a helpless state, and the “Power Lines” Final Smash hits left and right at the same time.

In summary, the way I picture Turrican is as a somewhat low-mobility character who relies on his ranged weaponry to whittle down opponents as they get close. When they close in, he pushes them off with close-range normals and repeats the process. He doesn’t exactly have the speed to run away, but he’s also an anti-keep-away character at the same time due to the reach and coverage of his special attacks.

Is there anyone you’d like to see me draw as a Smash character? I can’t make any guarantees, but feel free to make your voice heard!

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6 thoughts on “Turrican for Super Smash Bros.

  1. While it’s nice, I was thinking more of something where he could switch between the three weapons. My idea for his Final Smash would be that crazy-ass Kamikaze attack from Turrican 2 that you would activate by pressing the fire and Line buttons at the same time. Besides that, my idea was more of a mix of his Turrican 3 and Super Turrican powers, with the surround shot (the snaking beam) being instead Super Turrican’s Freeze Beam and maybe having the Plasma Rope from Turrican 3. And one last thing: his name is Bren McGuire, except in Turrican 1 where that’s most likely a different guy.


    • Thanks for the comment. I considered something like your idea, but (as silly as this sounds) I was worried about the character being a little too powerful. The spread shot alone seems nasty, and on some other level I considered it more of a Contra thing (if I ever decide to make a moveset for those characters).

      As for the name, I recalled that the guy in Turrican 1 is a different guy, and thought that it’d be better for him to be a generic “Turrican” so he can represent all the games. However, the more I think about it, the more I think you might be right, and that he should be Bren McGuire. There’s a chance I’ll make that change in the actual image, and edit the post accordingly.

      By the way, is “surround shot” the official name for that? I was having a hell of a time trying to find out what it’s called.


      • I call it the Surround Shot because the extender item for it in Turrican 2 says “Surround” when you pick it up. If he’s too OP with all three weapons, then it could be toned down a bit (i.e., Spread Shot/Multiple doing about .5 damage per pellet, Bounce (or Turrican 3’s Rebound) dissipating after about 3 bounces or so,). In addition, the Power Line would be like in Turrican 3 while dying out after it goes a certain distance or so, with it weakening the farther it goes.


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