Valentine Day Kiss: Ogiue Maniax Status Update for February 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy New Year! Happy President’s Day! February is full of holidays.

Thank you to all my supporters on Patreon and ko-fi, who keep Ogiue Maniax moving along.


Johnny Trovato

Ko Ransom

Diogo Prado

Sue Hopkins fans:


Hato Kenjirou fans:


Yajima Mirei fans:


So readers might have noticed a small difference for the past couple weeks: I’ve been experimenting with a semi-new schedule, switching from Tuesday-(Friday)-Sunday to Wednesday-(Friday)-Sunday. I don’t know what difference (if any) it’ll make, but on a personal level, it feels like a more comfortable schedule overall. We’ll see if it has any consequences, though!

My favorite posts from January:

What Does Marie Kondo’s “Spark Joy” REALLY Mean?

The “Konmari Method” has been the center of some controversy, and it might just have to do with a simple translation decision.

Early Thoughts on Competitive Changes for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

These thoughts are already a month old for a game that’s constantly changing, but still worth a read, I think.

The Best Nonsense: “Himote House: A share house of super psychic girls”

Maybe the best anime of last season you didn’t see?

Hashikko Ensemble

Chapter 12 reveals the full deal on the super-intense klutz that is Kurata Shion.


My Top Handheld Video Games of All Time

Self-explanatory, but there might be some surprises in there!


It’s time for the all-new Star Twinkle Precure. I am really looking forward to meeting a new generation of fightin’ magical girls.

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