Seduction of the Innocent: Spotted Flower Babies

Spotted Flower has long been a bizarre, twisted version of Genshiken, but a couple of side chapters posted (temporarily) for free on the Rakuen: Le Paradis website reveal an extra wrinkle to its story. Portraying two groups of parents, it shows their actions inadvertently corrupting their children.

In Chapter 33.5, the wife (not-Kasukabe) is trying in vain to get her infant daughter, Saki, to raise her head. When the husband (not-Madarame) drops his phone by accident and it shows an old picture of him getting his necktie pulled (much like that famous moment in Genshiken), Saki’s eyes go wide with excitement. When the husband picks his phone back up, Saki’s head follows, and voila, she’s able to lift her head up under her own power. In that one moment, a fujoshi is born.

Then, in Chapter 34.5, not-Ohno has put her two kids, Shin (three years old) and Yuu (one year old) to bed alongside her. On her other side, however, is her husband (not-Tanaka!!), and she’s in the mood for some intimacy.. Not-Tanaka notices that she’s actually wearing pantyhose from a Kakegurui cosplay, which clearly shows that she’s been wanting this, but when she also tries to put on a Yumeko wig, he nixes that idea. The mini-chapter ends with them having sex off-panel, with Yuu being woken up and then lulled back to sleep by the sound of his parents knocking boots next to him.

The idea of seeing these geek parents influencing, even if accidentally, the next generation of degenerate pervy otaku is an intriguing one. What makes it all the more…special…is specifically that it’s the Spotted Flower characters doing this instead of the Genshiken ones. What will the future hold for these kids…?

3 thoughts on “Seduction of the Innocent: Spotted Flower Babies

  1. Why do you think a fujoshi or a fudanshi is a bad thing to be. Certainly lots of manga now feature these sort of folks. I think that the children are just recognizing certain matter that seem
    to be of interest but the interest is there already.
    Degenerate pervy Otaku is a slur on the characters I really enjoy.

    bliss – a fount of nearly useless information about people
    who only existed as images poorly printed on cheap paper
    and in the minds of countless young victims of cheap presses.


    • I really don’t think these things are bad at all, though I was a bit concerned it would come across that way.

      It’s more pointing out a couple funny jokes and playing on the stereotype that otaku are degenerate. If there’s any concern, it’s that the kids exist specifically within Spotted Flower, where the characters are more prone to general moral failings that have nothing to do with being otaku or fujoshi or fudanshi.


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