Genshiken 2 R2 Single Box Re-Release

After 6 DVDs worth of Region-2 Genshiken 2 goodness, the official site back in August announced a December 2009 release of a single Genshiken 2 box containing all 12 episodes for the enjoyment of Japanese fans and those willing to spend lots of money on anime but didn’t do it the last time they released the DVDs.

The Region 2 DVD box will likely have more features than the American release, which has just begun, but fewer features than the original Japanese release, which came with Drama CDs and Pretty Menma stories and all sorts of crazy things that only I crazy fans would want. However, while I am not 100% sure of this, I am almost certain that the new box will be the best-looking of the bunch, and most likely designed to fit in with the previous box-set compilations. I previously posted an image of them some months ago, but here they are again.

Genshiken and Genshiken OVA boxes

I mean, I don’t think anyone can argue that these are the most stylish of the bunch, though I’d have to wonder who they’re gonna put on the Genshiken 2 box. Ohno is on the back cover of the OVA series, but maybe they’ll graduate her to the front for this one.

Stand-alone Genshiken OVAs DVD BOX Set on Sale

The official Genshiken anime website has announced that they’re releasing the Genshiken OVAs (which introduced Ogiue to the anime) as a stand-alone box separate from the anime series Kujibiki <3 Unbalance for which they were originally OVAs. This is for the Japanese market. Whether or not America plans to release a stand-alone as well is unknown.

The R2 DVD Box will cost ¥6300 for 3 episodes, or approximately $62.00. It will come with an 8-page booklet, among other goods.

They are also re-releasing the 1st Genshiken series in a similar release.

Both will go on sale June 25th, 2008.