Genshiken DVDs, R2 Only

Also included is the Genchoken CD on the lower left. The OVA box also came with this delightful image.

I am pleased.

Though based on that post from a few days back I’m sure you knew that already.

Stand-alone Genshiken OVAs DVD BOX Set on Sale

The official Genshiken anime website has announced that they’re releasing the Genshiken OVAs (which introduced Ogiue to the anime) as a stand-alone box separate from the anime series Kujibiki <3 Unbalance for which they were originally OVAs. This is for the Japanese market. Whether or not America plans to release a stand-alone as well is unknown.

The R2 DVD Box will cost ¥6300 for 3 episodes, or approximately $62.00. It will come with an 8-page booklet, among other goods.

They are also re-releasing the 1st Genshiken series in a similar release.

Both will go on sale June 25th, 2008.