What hints of Genshiken’s status do we get from the Kujibiki omake?

A third post on this simple 3-page omake. Unlike the first post, there will be spoilers here, and this isn’t exactly fair game like the anime or manga, so this is your warning.

Ohno is waiting in the club room in a Yamada cosplay outfit. Ogiue, with hair down, comes in accompanied by Sue. Ogiue questions why Ohno seems to just be cosplaying for no reason, and Ohno in turn laments the loss of Ogiue’s fude. Ogiue says that she can’t wear her hair the way she normally does when she’s at work, which is fairly often these days. Ogiue then asks why Ohno is cosplaying as Yamada when she normally cosplays as the Vice-Chairman, and Ohno says it’s because the Vice-Chairman’s voice actor changed. Ogiue, switching her hair back to normal fude mode, asks how Ohno could be so tired when Ohno hasn’t even been looking for a job, and Ohno nonchalantly mentions that she’s actually postponing her graduation for another year. Ogiue accuses of her of purposely delaying her job search, which Ohno weakly denies. Ogiue tells Ohno that Madarame is the only super senior that Genshiken needs, to which Ohno replies that that’s not quite what Madarame is. Then Sue chimes in with


Ogiue remarks that her despair is a little too valid. Ohno then says that Kuchiki will be gone by next year, implying that it’s a good reason to stay. Ogiue says she’s rather he leave sooner. Sue mentions that she’d like to see Madarame cosplay as Zetsubou Sensei. Madarame sneezes.


What can we learn from this?

First, is that this chapter clearly takes place after the events of volume 9. Ogiue’s un-fude hair is a direct reference to an image of her in volume 9 where she questions whether or not to have the fude at job interviews.

Ohno’s Yamada cosplay is from Kujibiki <3 Unbalance, instead of the normal series, and the implication is that this takes place in 2006, and Genshiken the manga has always been pretty good about maintaining its timeline. Sasahara, Saki, and Kohsaka all graduated in 2005. Further reinforcing this is the mention that Kuchiki will not be there anymore next year. So clearly this means that the Ogiue we are seeing is, in fact, Chairman Ogiue.

YES. Oh man, how I wanted to see Ogi-kaichou. Thank you, Kio Shimoku.

Sue is in Genshiken, and these events take place after her appearance at the beginning of Volume 9. I think that she has fulfilled her dream and is studying at Shiiou University. Her Japanese has improved considerably, as her remark that Madarame should do Zetsubou Sensei cosplay is not a direct quote or reference, but rather just her speaking normally, if with an American accent. Congratulations Sue!

Ohno delaying her graduation means that Ohno and Ogiue graduate the same year. I’m sure that was part of her plan.

One thought on “What hints of Genshiken’s status do we get from the Kujibiki omake?

  1. In Japanese, there’s a phrase 筆をおろす which means to put down you fude (writing brush), but it really means to lose one’s virginity. If I were a betting man, I’d bet this is related to Ogiue having become a woman.


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