Oh, why here are the fat chicks!

I had once asked where all the fat chicks are in anime, and it turns out that someone has answered my inquiry. It turns out they’re all in a show created by Shirow Masamune, Real Drive.


Their waists are still a bit tapered, but their faces, waists, and thighs are all greater than average for anime characters, so all that’s left to say is…

Good work, Shirow. Good work, Japan.

Oh, and I’ll actually review this show at some point.

15 thoughts on “Oh, why here are the fat chicks!

  1. I noticed from the first episode that the women were, erm, healthily-proportioned. Somehow seeing this put down in the form of still, as opposed to moving, images drives the point home with the force of Holon sitting on one’s chest. Or something.


  2. I wouldn’t exactly call them fat… okay maybe compared to the others.

    On top of that Jinko has the most horrible vice I’ve ever heard. ^^;


  3. Hinano: Wait what? They’re bringing healthy back, obviously. :P

    SDS: We’re you there back when Manabi Straight aired and people complained that the characters had some meat on their bones?


  4. How odd that the strongholds of badonkadonk in anime are things like Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and this. It’s not like Shirow’s manga is the place to go if you like big butts and you cannot lie, since all his women have pretty much the same face and borderline anorexic body (bazooms aside), only with different hairstyles.


  5. I’ve grown to try to ignore this feature about Real Drive. I just love Shirow’s work and I like the technology involved in this series. I also think excluding the “big” girls the graphics of the show are not bad especially at 1280×720.


  6. You people are hating on my beloved Nyamo.

    I will have your souls for this.

    The only problem with the Real Drive character types is that the fanartists take the series designs (which are very, uh, visually pleasant) to ridiculous extremes because they’re trying to cater to their existing audience who likes their girls much, much thicker than Holon, Nyamo, and the others are in the series itself. And, of course, this being fanartists, they take it so much to the extreme that it ceases to be appealing to me.


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